Surgical Headlights Comparison

ONE HEADLIghT gives you what other surgical headlights can’t. When you compare our performance, comfort, and reliability to the competition, there really is no competition.




Freedom of movement Complete freedom of movement Restricted, due to tether Some tetherless systems available providing mobility
Ergonomics Ultra-lightweight and breathable; co-axial alignment; fully adjustable to customize fit; can be worn with loupes; headlamp rotates for optimal visibility and comfort Uncomfortable due to heat generated on forehead; discomfort from cable constantly pulling against users head Typically heavy and uncomfortable; does not provide co-axial alignment with loupes; fixed headlamp cannot be adjusted
Quality of light Offers exceptionally bright, better than xenon quality of light; optimal color for tissue differentiation Central hot spot inverts depth perception; poor light patterns can lead to tissue/color incompatibility Level of illumination is typically insufficient for surgical procedures; uneven light pattern; creates a blue color that distorts tissue color
Consistency of light Brightness exceeds industry average; light is distributed evenly to provide improved depth perception; light will not degrade or dim over the course of 10,000+ hours use Brightness and color decay as bulbs and cables age; uneven illumination can lead to bright spots and poor visualization Light pattern is often diffuse and inconsistent leading to poor visualization and may cast shadows
Adaptability of light Adjustable aperture allows customization of spot size; level of illumination remains constant as spot size increases Adjustable aperture allows customization of spot size; decreased brightness as spot size increases Non-adjustable aperture with fixed light spot size
Cost-effectiveness Virtually no maintenance or replacement part costs Expensive to maintain lightsource; high annual costs to replace fiber-optic cables and bulbs; bulb breakage can lead to system downtimes Relatively inexpensive to maintain
Comfort Ultra-lightweight and breathable; fully adjustable for a custom fit Can weigh up to 14 ounces (not including cable); tethered cable can pull on the head, causing neck fatigue Typically heavy; minimal adjustment points; generates uncomfortable heat on users head
Safety No “hot spots,” fire risk, trip hazards, or other risks to user Risk of fire or explosion and trip hazard Heat sink can become hot to the touch with prolonged use; weight can lead to fatigue
Effect on O.R. equipment No effect on other O.R. equipment; fully self-contained Increased workload for O.R. personnel and Bio-Medical Engineers No effect on other O.R. equipment