ONE HEADLIghT System Features


What makes ONE HEADLIghT unique?

The ONE HEADLIghT is the first to provide the brightest light – with a battery-powered, cable-free design.

Only ONE HEADLIghT offers the perfect combination of performance, comfort and long-term reliability.

ONE HEADLIghT offers several industry-leading advantages:

  • Greatest freedom of movement
  • Brightest, most consistent light
  • Light aperture, direction and intensity adjustments
  • Designed for optimal comfort
  • Safest, most economical operation


With ONE HEADLIghT there is no center bright spot, and the fully adjustable aperture enhances precision while reducing eye fatigue.


Thanks to  ONE HeadLIghT‘s breathable design and revolutionary cooling system, it does not feel hot against the user’s forehead. There are also no tethers and power cords to impede movement.


There are no components that need regular maintenance or replacement, and the light is guaranteed to retain its power, color, and intensity for 10,000+ hours of operation.