Science & Technology

A technological breakthrough

Upon receiving an honor for advances in mathematics Sir Isaac Newton made this humble yet profound quote;

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”

In order to advance any study or technology we must look to the principles established before our work. These principles are the giants whose shoulders we must stand on. ONE HEADLIT™ utilizes fundamental science and proven technology from a number of disciplines. Some of these studies include those of: Light, LED Technology, Thermal Dynamics, Optical Geometry, as well as Polymer and Nano technologies.

L.I.T. Surgical’s revolutionary ONE HEADLIT™ surgical lighting system represents a breakthrough in surgical illumination technology. Designed specifically for this purpose, the ONE HEADLIT’s battery-powered, tetherless design allows surgeons complete freedom in the operating room.

Through its state-of-the art design and proprietary technology, ONE HEADLIT provides the most consistent light available, is better than xenon, and is optimally color-balanced for surgery.

ONE HEADLIT is also cost-effective and offers unmatched clinical value. It’s virtually maintenance-free, and has no components that require replacement. Through continued development of its innovative headlight system, L.I.T. Surgical is working to provide the best illumination solutions for a variety of applications around the globe.

A brief history of surgical illumination

Surgical head-mounted illumination technology has remained virtually unchanged for almost 25 years. Even today, most surgeons still use expensive and outdated xenon bulb technology that requires them to be “tethered” to the light source via fragile glass fiber optics. These glass fiber optic cables are relatively heavy and cumbersome, which can contribute to neck-strain problems for the surgeons and cause the surgical staff to trip.

A few medical device companies have responded by offering small LED headpieces that contain one or two LEDs mounted on the front. However, these products usually do not produce the quality of light or level of illumination required to perform surgical procedures.

There has been a void in the market for an excellent head-mounted illumination system. L.I.T. Surgical’s revolutionary ONE HEADLIT’s is ready to fill that void.